The Fabrique des Mobilités is an accelerator program dedicated to transportation and mobility projects

The best ideas often seem like bad ideas at the start


The Fabrique’s first session will follow 10 projects with incredible levels of synergy.
The selected projects are the following:


Smart Autostop

Connected app for hitchhiking



Premium service for public transportation


Instant system

Application for intermodal, dynamic and planned ride-sharing



Shared parking


Local Motors

Shared vehicle system, autonomous and durable

Be The Sentinel

Clean Data Innov

Solution to reduce by 20% polluant emisions from personnal vehicles.


School carpooling

Carpooling your kids on their way to school with other parents.



Web and smartphones App for truck drivers.

Petit Bus


Walk to school service

The mentors

These are some of the most dedicated members of the Fabrique.
They bring energy to the community, and connect people, projects and partners together.

Simon Sarazin

Comme une idée

Engaged in the development of the commons, Simon is involved in the tools and methods of the FabMob

Massimo Ciuffini

Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Coordinator for Sustainable Mobility, Massimo initiates the process of commons for Mobility in Italy

Agathe Lehel

OuiShare Québec

Connector in the collaborative economy and the commons, Agathe is part of the FabMob Québec team.

Marion Stoffel

Savoir Faire Linux

Marion leads the actions of FabMob Québec working at Savoir Faire Linux, a key player in Open Source in Quebec.

Elsa Bruyère

Fabrique Agile

Co-founder of FabMob Québec, Elsa is at the heart of Quebec's innovation ecosystems

Vincent Dussault

Coop Carbone

Vincent is responsible for Coop Carbone's initiatives in transportation and sustainable mobility in Quebec. Based in Montreal, he created the FabMob Quebec

Saeid Sharify

Paris Tech

Student at Telecom ParisTech, Saeid is passionate about Mobility & embedded IOT. He drives the Open Source Connected box challenge

Georges Gallais


Ex-INRIA, Georges founded VULOG in 2006, 10,000 vehicles efficiently shared and recreates Urban COD, dedicated to the drivers of VTC

Margot Sanchez

Treasurer, Margot knows all the scenes of FabMob ! She works at to solve problems of Mobility & to produce open resource

Bertil De Fos

Auxilia et Chronos

General Manager of Auxilia and Chronos, Bertil puts his skills at the service of the FabMob as President !

Fabien Gainier


Secretary of FacMob, Fabien brings together key skills to support mobility stakeholders : collective intelligence, facilitation

Nicolas Le Douarec

Mentor, Entrepreneur

Hacker, Nicolas contributes to projects enabled by emerging technologies serving a better world

Erik Grab

VP Strategic Anticipation, Innovation - Michelin

VP of FabMob, Erik brings his industrial vision & his experience of worldwide ecosystems

Julien De Labaca

Consultant Mobilité

Creator of the site DigitalTransport4Africa in partnership with the AFD, Julien directed for 4 years Transfermuga before launching its own company

Antoine Chevre


Project Manager, Antoine launches Digital Transport 4 Africa & participates in the implementation of a digital strategy related to mobility issues

Johan Richer

Jail Break Paris

Passionate about common goods like collaborative mapping, Johan led the Gitlab of Digital Transport 4 Africa

amandine crambes

ADEME Urban Design

Perfect knowledge of the ecosystem of the city & its actors, Amandine is at the service of the success of sustainable and inclusive urban development

Gael Musquet


Hacker, founder of OSM France, Gael brings his advice to open source challenges



Co-founder of FabMob, his big question : how can we innovate together in the digital age ?



Cofounder & co-manager of iCopilot agency, Philippe is specialized in accelerating innovative projects between large groups and startups in Europe and Asia



Founder of 15marches, a consulting agency for strategy & innovation, Stéphane analyze the secrets of the new digital giants

4 open-platform projects

Additionally, 4 projects have been found that have the ability and will to produce open platforms that are essential to the mobility ecosystem. These open platforms bring down barriers to entrepreneurship and as such help to accelerate all of our projects.
They benefit from detailed help and contacts with our partners and projects, bringing to life new open platforms that create communities of contributors and users.



vehicle platform



Platform for the production and treatment of mobility footprints



Shared Biking platform



Connected car platform

Sponsored by

This first round is sponsored by Blablacar, which has concretely demonstrated the ability for citizens to change mobility practices, rapidly and on a large scale.


With more than 20 million members, Blablacar is showing each day how large-scale mobility changes can take place. Car-sharing fills up the empty space in cars and increases the energy efficiency of transportation. This type of change has taken place over just a few years. It’s beneficial to the environment, the citizen, and can even help entire industries. We can make alliances with entrepreneurs who leverage digital power, helping them to resolve various problems in the transport sector.

The projects brought together through this Call for Projects will benefit from both individual and collective attention from a dedicated team. The goal is to bring together new knowledge and skills and put them to use, to help project leaders to learn from each other, and to create synergies between project leaders and our partners, creating ever more commons. The Blablacar team, sponsoring these first projects, will also bring their national and international experience forward through exchanges at their offices.

Call for Projects

The Fabrique launched its first Call for Projects last year, which closed on December 13. We received 39 projects that corresponded to 7 proposed themes. These projects were categorized according to transparent criteria: the team, its capacity to transform mobility usage, synergies with the Fabrique’s partners, commons, agility and speed.